Our Featured Products


  • LeadPlayer

    LeadPlayer is a lead-generating and conversion-increasing video player for
    online businesses. LeadPlayer™ is the easiest way to attract an audience,
    build a list, and generate revenue with video. This is our premiere product,
    and the only product that we charge for.


  • LeadPages

    The LeadBrite team has decided to start something new, and embark on
    something that we haven’t talked about yet. (LeadPlayer, however, is still
    going strong: we’re more dedicated to it than ever before). Anyway, LeadPlayer
    and Welcome Gate were just the beginning. Stay turned.


  • WelcomeGate (Free)

    A Welcome Gate™ is a cross between a popup and a squeeze page. But it’s far
    less annoying and aggressive than both (while still delivering serious
    results). Click here to check out this WordPress plugin and see if it can
    help you grow your audience.


  • The LeadBrite Fund (Coming Soon)

    In the very near future, LeadBrite will be making strategic investments in
    startups aligned with our values, audience, and community. We want to “pay it
    forward” by providing (1) funding, and (2) exposure to our audience/list for
    new companies that inspire us.